Discussion Regarding Recent News involving KarbonKleen Inc


Chris Grossman currently serves as the Chief Operations Officer for KarbonKleen Inc.  He earned a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Rensselear Polytechnic Institute in 1998 and has worked as the CTO of Rand Worldwide before founding and working as the CEO of Zovy providing data governance and security software.  He has extensive experience in the software, data security, and engineering.

Q - KarbonKleen recently was a part of two press releases by dynaCERT can you explain the impact of these on the KarbonKleen business?

Chris - Yes the first was the participation of KarbonKleen in an equity offering by dynaCERT.  This is part of our ongoing effort to communicate to our clients and our partners that we are in full support of the dynaCERT operations.  As we ask our customers to invest in products and services we offer it is important to demonstrate that we are invested in the success of our partner's technology both with energy and investment. 

Chris Grossman

Chief Operations Officer

Dallas, Texas

[email protected]

Q - The second press release refers to 150 units delievered by dynaCERT to be shipped to Mexico.  Which clients are these for?

Chris - We are very pleased with the ongoing success of our clients in Mexico not just with the dynaCERT technology but also in our overall partnership.  dynaCERT has been able to delivery units on schedule and on time as we have needed them as a part of the one million unit LOI that was announced earlier this year.  At KarbonKleen we understand that the receipt of the units is just one piece of the overall process required to achieve success for our clients.  Putting together the support, service, and reporting infrastructure is critically important.  Creating service facilities and on site expertise in Mexico City where units can be installed in an ongoing basis is critical to the long term success of our programs there. 

Q - When will KarbonKleen be announcing these new clients in the United States?

Alexandra - The US market for any technology but especially those with claims as aggressive as dynaCERT's when it comes to fuel efficiency savings and emissions reduction is naturally skeptical.  This is why we put a subscription model in place to allow clients to have align savings and investment.  So to our clients the only thing that matters is results.  Thus we will be announcing results not just names.  When we publish information with our US clients it will not only be to describe sales but to publish statistics around the performance of their purchased units.  Names and company logos are not our goal.  Our goal is long term sustained growth and that will occur when real companies publish real results of units placed on their assets in production. 

Q - Why is KarbonKleen confident these sales will continue?

Alexandra - It has never been a question of available clients.  We all can drive down the highway and see the number of trucks supporting our economy and realize there is a marketplace.  We also know there is very little market penetration because as I look at the back of those trucks I don't see any dynaCERT units today.  I predict the sale of emissions reducing technology and diesel improvement technology following the path APU's (Auxiliary Power Units) where they moved from something you saw once in a while to an everyday necessity.  When this same trend occurs the best in class leader in emissions reduction technology will move forward and we are well positioned to take advantage of when that occurs. 

Q - Why are clients purchasing with the Subscription Program?

Alexandra - In the discussions I have been involved in the key conversation has changed from "What happens if our investment in dynaCERT units doesn't work?" to "What happens if our investment in dynaCERT units does work?"  I have only been involved with the distribution of dynaCERT's technology over the last year so I can't speak with direct knowledge of the past but when we discuss the ability to acquire this technology with a subscription based price this changes the ROI from 16 months to 3 months. Progressive companies immediately started to think about what happens if the claims of fuel savings were real.  Don't they owe it to their company to take the time to test this and measure the results not in a lab but on their assets in the field?  So for KarbonKleen the subscription program changed the discussion with every client.  About 75% to 80% of all of our discussions around the acquisition of dynaCERT technology involve the use of the subscription program verses traditional unit acquisition.