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KarbonKleen Inc. Policies on COVID-19

KarbonKleen is proud to service clients who provide "Critical Services".  Our organization and personnel will continue to provide excellent customer service while being respectful to federal and local regulations and customer specific requests.  Below are guidelines our employees and representatives are following and if there are any additional questions do not hesitate to reach out for clarification. 


Whenever possible all KarbonKleen employees will to conduct our business remotely through video conferencing and Web Presentations.  This includes all sales meetings, product presentations, support calls, and when possible hardware service installations.  KarbonKleen has a variety of web conferencing and video conferencing technology that we will provide all customers when interacting with KarbonKleen. 


When onsite all KarbonKleen employees and partners, contractors, and agents will follow all policies and procedures of our host location.  KarbonKleen will proactively request if there are any location specific limitations.  In addition we will be following the federal and local recommendations as it pertains to social distancing, PPE, and gathering size.

When onsite installation services are required we will request these services be done outside and with a minimum of personnel.  We will have video conferencing for those that wish to participate remotely.


Our employees will bring PPE with them to the customer location.  This will include masks, gloves, and cleaning supplies.

Service technicians have been instructed that at anytime before, during, or after the service engagement if they feel any cold symptoms and/or a fever or persistent coughing to self isolate and provide note of this intent. 


Until further notice we will observing the request to limit border crossings in both the US/Canada and US/Mexico border. 

If any agent, employee, partner, or representative of KarbonKleen tests positive for COVID-19 we will be participating in Contact Tracing where we notify all people and locations that would have been in contact with that employee.

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