Q&A with Alexandra MacMurchie EVP - Sales Operations

About the Acquisition of 400 Units by KarbonKleen

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“KarbonKleen’s progressive business practices are already having a substantial impact to dynaCERT. .. KarbonKleen’s Subscription Program is proving to be very worthwhile for customers and available to everyone.”

Jim Payne, President & CEO dynaCERT


Diesel Fuel Efficiency Management

Through onboard hydrolysis we are able to reduce the amount of diesel used by 9-16% while improving torque and reducing regen.  All with an online dashboard to track your progress.

Distribution and Installation of HydraGEN™ Technology

dynaCERT provides next generation pollution reduction and fuel efficiency solutions.  KarbonKleen is the worldwide Preferred System Provider for their technology.

Carbon Emissions Reduction Technology

We enable our clients to achieve their goals around Carbon Emissions Reduction through next generation technology reducing your company's carbon footprint. 

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KarbonKleen is a Preferred Systems Provider for dynaCERT and is dedicated to the proliferation of dynaCERT technology for the benefit of our customers and the planet.

We our executive team we have decades of experience in the discrete and process engineering and manufacturing space,  FinTech, and with SaaS businesses giving us an excellent background to apply this knowledge to positioning the value of the solution today as a premier engineering product but also moving forward as the carbon credit process becomes more predominant.


Once the number of HydroGen™ units reaches critical mass, we intend to digitize the complete carbon credit process, from the tokenization of carbon credits to their trading on the existing openly regulated currency exchanges. This is not only an immense potential for dynaCERT but is a massive opportunity with multi-government tailwinds already predisposed to the success of the project.


Industries Served





Fuel Savings Per Truck
Reduction in Particulate Matter (Black Smoke)
Reduction in CO (Carbon Monoxide)
Reduction in Nitrogen Oxides (NOx)



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