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Patent Awarded for Smart ECU

dynaCERT has received a Notice of Allowance for its application of a new patent from the United States Patent Office (“USPO”).

The Company received notification that the USPO has issued a Notice of Allowance for patent application number 15/298.783 for its “MANAGEMENT AND METHOD FOR REGULATING THEON-DEMAND ELECTROLYTICPRODUCTION OF HYDROGEN AND OXYGEN GAS FOR INJECTION INTO A COMBUSTION ENGINE”.

The embodiment relate to a management system and method that can simultaneously reduce emissions and improve the performance of an internal combustion engine by: determining the reactor performance level or calculating the amount of gas being generated by the on-demand electrolytic reactor; monitoring the engine performance level, determining whether the engine performance level would change, i.e. decrease or increase, or remain the same to forecast a future engine demand level; adjusting the reactor performance level to improve the engine performance ahead of the forecast future engine demand level materializing to minimize parasitic loss associated with reactors operating continuously, i.e. reactors that are not capable of adjusting their performance level or the level of produced gas according to the real time engine performance level; and, thereby, improving the engine performance and reducing emissions.

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