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dynaCERT announces KarbonKleen's Subscription Program Available to Dealers Worldwide

Chris Grossman, Chief Operations Officer of KarbonKleen stated, “At KarbonKleen, our goal is to shorten decision times for the purchases of HydraGEN Technology by eliminating most of the the risk for the end user with our money-back guarantee as well as shortening the return on investment or payback to less than six months for large long-distance trucking customers.”

Brian Semkiw, CEO of KarbonKleen stated, “Although KarbonKleen is a new private company, the capital necessary for the implementation of KarbonKleen Subscription Reseller Program is now in place. Our principals and shareholders have the breadth and relationships to fund the program adequately into the projected future. We look forward to extending our Preferred System’s Provider relationship with the dynaCERT team by extending this new offering.”

Jim Payne, President & CEO of dynaCERT stated, “The opportunity of users of dynaCERT’s HydraGEN Technology to avail themselves of monthly payments which can be offset by fuel savings is a huge benefit to our clients and Dealers. The most difficult impediment for the trucking industry can sometimes be the capital costs involved, and by our close association with KarbonKleen, we have overcome this obstacle very elegantly.”

The KarbonKleen Subscription Reseller Program is believed by both dynaCERT and KarbonKleen to offer numerous added financial benefits to customers. For potential users of the HydraGEN Technology, the KarbonKleen Subscription Reseller Program provides a lower financial barrier to entry, eliminates assets to manage, offers monthly reporting on system performance, and, if eligible, a money-back guarantee by KarbonKleen if the fuel savings don’t exceed the subscription payments during the first two years.

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