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Existing dynaCERT Dealers can Get Full Margins Selling KarbonKleen Subscriptions

Chris Grossman - Chief Operations Officer - Karbon Kleen Inc. - "In addition to reducing the upfront cost we are able to leverage the HydraLytica software to quantify the savings the clients are getting on a per unit, per month basis.  That allows us to extend to the customers the opportunity for a money back guarantee.  KarbonKleen will guarantee your clients that every month that the units are in service and the qualifying vehicle drives a minimum of 5000 miles or 8047 km, if they don’t receive at least $400 in diesel savings, we will refund the subscription price.  Prices are calculated using on a monthly basis, on the first of the month.

Additionally you will receive the full dealer margins with the subscription units.  Our goal is simple… Help the dynaCERT community sell more units worldwide, increasing awareness, increasing the momentum, and helping us all with our sales.

I believe a rising tide will lift all boats and benefit all of us in the community. Increasing sales and awareness worldwide will help our clients and our fellow partners.

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