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KarbonKleen Purchases 400 Units from dynaCERT

dynaCERT is pleased to announce that it has received purchase orders from KarbonKleen Inc. (KarbonKleen) for an additional 300 HydraGEN™ Technology units, for total orders from KarbonKleen, to date, of 400 units, including the 100 unit order previously announced on July 2, 2019. dynaCERT’s computerized HydraGEN™ Technology uses on-board on-demand injection of hydrogen gas in the air intake of diesel engines to significantly reduce fuel consumption, carbon emissions and other GHG’s.

Ms. Alexandra MacMurchie, Executive Vice President of Sales, KarbonKleen Inc. stated, “The relationship between KarbonKleen and dynaCERT is a critical component of the continued acceleration of the adoption of HydraGEN™ Technology. KarbonKleen continues its strategic plan to empower customers both in the private and public sector with the ability to acquire HydraGEN™ Technology through a Subscription Program. HydraLytica™ allows us to quantify the environmental impact and fuel savings in an auditable real-time dashboard for our clients. Combined with the Subscription Program now available in Mexico and the USA, with HydraLytica™ technology, customers see proven results on a monthly basis and are choosing to make payments in alignment with performance of HydraGEN™ Technology. The notable difference in our added value proposition points to exponential growth in client interest.”

Jim Payne, President & CEO of dynaCERT stated, “KarbonKleen’s progressive business practices are already having a substantial impact to dynaCERT. KarbonKleen is focused on one single business, reselling dynaCERT’s products. Correspondingly, KarbonKleen’s extra investment in dynaCERT includes its devoted technical staff, experienced sales staff, loyal support staff, and pre-sales engineering who all provide a dedicated effort yielding strong results. KarbonKleen recognizes that HydraLytica™ is making a big difference in market acceptance and sales of HydraGEN™ Technology; the Mexico arrangements are unique and far-reaching and are the foundation to much more business; and, KarbonKleen’s Subscription Program is proving to be very worthwhile for customers and available to everyone.”

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