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KarbonKleen Releases Subscription Guarantee Program

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

Subscription programs have been used in technology sales to drive benefits for dealers, customers, and OEM’s. Everyone has the potential to benefit from a subscription


Clients - Lower barrier of entry, no asset to manage,

monthly reporting on system performance, money

back guarantee if they don’t make their subscription

price back in fuel savings.

dynaCERT - Increase client awareness of the excellent

performance of their product without compromising

payment terms.

Dealers and Resellers - Maintain your full dealer

margins not just in Year 1 but every year the unit is in

subscription, increase sales, increase adoption.

Our clients are able to access dynaCERT's technology without having a significant upfront investment. Additionally using the new dynaCERT technology to verify the fuel savings we can guarantee our client's results and offer a money back guarantee for under performance. Visit to get more information.

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