PIT Group Test
Based on TMC Fuel Consumption Test Procedure
Type II, RP 1102A (TMC 2016a), and CFR.
Emission Testing - 41.3 km around an ALPHA low -speed test track with a Horibas OBS-2200 portable emission  measuring system.
Once a baseline was established three trials were conducted with a HydraGEN unit attached. 
PIT Performance Results (2).jpg
Installation on Thomas School Buses
HG2 Units are installed on two school buses and tested for a period of 2 months and over 2000 km.  The conditions were significant due to the stop and go conditions of the school buses.
Fuel Efficiency Savings:
         Bus 1 - 13.8% Fuel Savings
         Bus 2 - 15.5% Fuel Savings
NOx Reduction:
         Bus 1 - 48% Reduction
         Bus 2 - 52% Reduction
Installation on 2018 Peterbilt Glider Truck
16% Reduction in Fuel Conscription
36% NOx Reduction


Test Conducted in 2018 on a MAN TGX vehicle with a commercial vehicle chassis dynamo-meter in the presence of a TUV NORD Engineer.

- Up to 88.7% NOx Reduction

- Up to 95.1% Particle Number Reduction

- 8.9% Fuel Efficiency Improvement

- 27.2% CO Reduction

- 9.6% CO2 Reduction

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