Please note test results published here are based on data gathered from dynaCERT at they have not been independently verified by KarbonKleen Inc and are for informational purposes only.

PIT Group Test
Based on TMC Fuel Consumption Test Procedure
Type II, RP 1102A (TMC 2016a), and CFR.
Emission Testing - 41.3 km around an ALPHA low -speed test track with a Horibas OBS-2200 portable emission  measuring system.
Once a baseline was established three trials were conducted with a HydraGEN unit attached. 
Installation on Thomas School Buses
HG2 Units are installed on two school buses and tested for a period of 2 months and over 2000 km.  The conditions were significant due to the stop and go conditions of the school buses.
Fuel Efficiency Savings:
         Bus 1 - 13.8% Fuel Savings
         Bus 2 - 15.5% Fuel Savings
NOx Reduction:
         Bus 1 - 48% Reduction
         Bus 2 - 52% Reduction
Installation on 2018 Peterbilt Glider Truck
16% Reduction in Fuel Conscription
36% NOx Reduction


Test Conducted in 2018 on a MAN TGX vehicle with a commercial vehicle chassis dynamo-meter in the presence of a TUV NORD Engineer.

- Up to 88.7% NOx Reduction

- Up to 95.1% Particle Number Reduction

- 8.9% Fuel Efficiency Improvement

- 27.2% CO Reduction

- 9.6% CO2 Reduction

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